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Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is spreading rapidly all over the world. Meanwhile, you can see SUP boards also on many German inland waters. Discover SUP paddling on vacation in Mallorca! If you feel like trying it out, you can book a SUP course in Palma, Can Pastilla and El Arenal. The advantage of SUP boards is obvious. Unlike kitesurfing or surfing, you will be on board after just a few tries. The SUP surfboards have a large volume due to their great width, length and thickness, which provides buoyancy. You stand in the middle of the SUP board and keep the body slightly under tension. The basics of SUP paddling are thus quickly learned and with the large paddle, known from canoeing, you are quickly moving forward. What distinguishes SUP paddling in Mallorca from paddling on German lakes, besides the sun, vacation feeling and water temperature, are the small waves. With a little skill and practice you can paddle small waves after a small period of time! You will be able to rech a higher speed with a paddle, which then keeps you in the wave - and thus with a little talent you can surf along a wave. Another advantage: you won’t only train your arms, but your whole body including your back.

SUP-paddling is a trend coming from the pacific

Stand Up Paddling is ore likely to be a young sport in Mallorca. This belies the fact that the sport itself is very old. The first stand up paddlers were probably found in Tahiti's island world. Polynesian fishermen traditionally steer their canoes standing up through the waves. Even today, in Southeast Asia, you can see fishermen hunting on small bamboo rafts, armed with their paddles. Since the surfing boom in the 1960s, when surf instructors in Hawaii also used long canoe paddles to guide beginners from an elevated position, the sport has found more and more followers worldwide. In addition, surfers could better reach the reefs further out with the fat paddle. The real breakthrough and the development to a trend sport happened only in the last 10 years when well-known surfers discovered stand-up paddling in North America and Australia and made it big.

Join us on the journey from Playa de Palma to the cathedral

Playa de Palma offers the perfect conditions for stand up paddling in Mallorca. The warm water of the bay and the beautiful view of the rocky coast are best enjoyed from the water. And as described, small waves often offer the opportunity to move from paddling to surfing. The bay, which is protected from the wind and has little stream, is suitable for beginners who have never stood on a board before, as well as advanced surfers. The meeting point is the small office in Can Pastilla in Calle Signaltura. Here you will get a light Ocean & Earth SUP board. The board is made of sturdy expoxy resin and has a non-slip foam surface. This guarantees a safe stand. You will have a short introduction on the beach regarding wind conditions - and the first dry exercises on the board. Finally being on water, experienced SUP instructors will always be on hand. They will help you to find a optimal and safe position on the board. If you feel safe, you can paddle from Can Pastilla to Palma along the coast seeing impressive sand dunes. At the Parque del Mar a sandbank - at least for the advanced - with a small but fine wave awaits...

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+ Courses available all week

+ Easy to handle for beginners

+ Small groups of max. 4 persons + coach

+ Light surfboards and Billabong equipment

+ Price includes equipment and transport

+ Don't forget your sunscreen


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