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The jet ski trip is great fun without having any troubles to deal with. You will only have the wind in your hair and the horizon in front of your eyes. The long sandy beaches, the seemingly endless blue colour AND - the view on the island from the water is unique. "Simple madness!" is how most of our visitors describe the one-hour jet ski tour on the south coast of Mallorca when they have a ground under their feet again - and soft knees. For boys-at-heart the jet ski is a dream coming true. The 100 hp should be perfectly sufficient for this...

Jetski's are not easy to handle

Summer, sun, beach and party island number 1 - one thing should not be missing: a party boat! Celebrating on the open sea under the southern sun, with lots of bare skin to complete ecstasy is what you dream of. The dream has an answer: Our “Sunlife” boat! Starting with shots from water pistols to countless specials and goose bumps with extensive champagne showers - "Fantasy" lives, Mallorca lives, YOU live!


With up to 120 guests and our complete sunlife entourage, we drive from Arenal and the other places with our buses to Palma, from there to head for the most beautiful corners of the southern coast. We start a bit calmer so that the Caribbean flair can be enjoyed with good music and cool drinks. During the bathing break in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean (nude bathing is rewarded) we provide a good basis for the following hours with light food and fruit. Because from then on our DJ will go crazy and we will pack all of ours

Specials that make the “Sunlife” boat unforgettable!

The DJ does everything around the party mode with regular champagne showers

to keep high up. At the end we drive very close to the Playa de Palma to get from the

thousands of party tourists on the beach to reap jealous looks and applause.

A jet ski is vastly superior to a motorboat in terms of power, acceleration and speed. Anyone who uses small waves near the coast as a jumping-off point will notice this, which, by the way, is something that even beginners can recognize pretty quickly. First impression: A jet ski is good-natured and surprisingly easy to control. Nobody will be pushed into the cold water. The excursion leader will give you the first briefing and a short practical driving training. He is experienced in handling the sports equipment, knows the current conditions on the south coast and is always informed about the current wind conditions.

Jetski Tour

The jet ski trip starts in the south of Mallorca in Playa de Palma. You will leave the pier behind quickly because it’s time to escape into the open waters. Our first route us heading south to the beautiful lagoon of ......; one of the best ...... in the world. From there you will head north-east across the open sea, a route you can already look forward to, since here you can experience what the machine is capable of. The route leads the pilots to Can Pastilla, from there to the jagged rocky coast past the ..... formed ....... (by the way, one of the many very good .......) towards the south-west. Sometimes one a dolphin shows up. After a hour we head back towards Playa de Palma. There you will have to leave the jet ski behind and go on with the satisfaction you were looking for.

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